Delicius Pasticceria offers a wide selection of Japanese cakes, most of which involve freshly whipped cream, sponge cake and, if you're dining in, fresh fruit artfully decorated on the plate. We are big fans of the Pomme Fromage (from $20 for a 12cm cake, $6 a slice), a quintessential Japanese cheesecake that is soft and more dense than fluffy, like a cross between a sponge cake and traditional cheesecake. A few forkfuls into the cake and you'll find an apple compote buried closer to the bottom of the cheesecake, much like a surprise centre! The Delicius (from $25 for 12cm cake, $6.50 a slice) is the other best seller — a richer version of Pomme Fromage involving Brie de Meaux cheese and apricot jam on the top, leaving a lingering fruity flavour on the palate.
*Whole cakes need to be ordered three days in advance
Photo by Hilary See