Ordered negitoro chirashi don ($17.80) and truffle bara chirashi don ($17.80). Both were large in size with huge chunks of salmon, tuna and swordfish sashimi. I requested for mine to be aburi-ed and service staff gladly consented. It came exactly as requested and even better as quantity of sashimi were phenomenal. It was also really fresh and of excellent quality. It also came with tamago slices/cubes,cucumber and tobiko.

Truffle bara chirashi was really tasty and you could really smell the truffle smell when it was served which shows that they weren’t stingy with the truffle sauce poured over. Definitely recommend their Kaisen dons as it’s really worth it for the price and quality! Sure to make you full.

Ordered the unagi maki ($15.80) which was alright, although the slices of unagi were quite thin and overall, tasted very rice-y because of the proportion of ingredients to rice. However, still not bad for the size and price! Might try other maki flavors in future though.

We also ordered edamame ($3) which came steaming hot and fresh, tossed with a good amount of salt. Really good appetizer to go along with our dons and add a side of crunch.

Highly recommend hitoyoshi and will definitely be back!