Opted for Mala chicken with Thai spicy pork belly; came with flavorful chopped mushroom, juicy sweet corn, broccoli, pickled radish strips & soft-boiled egg on top of a thick bed of soft fluffy white rice.. Love how well the ingredients complement each other without overpowering each other..
Generous portion of both meat; mala chicken cubes tasted similar to 辣子鸡 (Firecracker chicken), infused with strong sichuan spices; mild spicy & numbing sensation to tastebud; meat is surprisingly tender, lean & not greasy even though its deep-fry, came with soft potato strips..
Thai spicy pork belly is very lean (which I prefer) & no pork stench; tossed with flavorful & appetizing Thai spicy sauce, mild spicy; felt the pork belly is slightly overcooked as meat is slightly dry but nonetheless still acceptable..
Opted for minced garlic broccoli for side; veggie is well-cooked with a firm, juicy & crunchy bite; tossed with right amount of garlic which is not overpowering the whole dish; same as the ones in the rice bowl..