For RM 29, you get free flow of thinly sliced pork belly, black pepper chicken breast (thinly sliced), miso soup, garlic fried rice, salad (no dressing) and udon. Garlic fried rice is not bad, don't expect much from the udon and sadly, ice cream not included (you'll need to buy the RM 45 package for that) and parking is a rare Pokemon. Service is slow. I mean, salad, udon, fried rice only arrived after 2 rounds of meat arrived. Apparently the kitchen was busy despite the lack of customers but ok. The grill takes some getting used to because unlike Korean BBQ, the meat cooks fast since it's thinly sliced so be careful not to burn your food. So how much are you paying for free flow? RM 29 and a little bit of time and patience.