From Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong situated within Bar Stories at Haji Lane. This is also the only non seafood dish available on the menu, and we were actually pretty glad we ordered this one too.

We are pretty used to dishes like Braised Beef Cheeks but Beef Shin; that sounded pretty unique. I liked how the meat was fork tender but yet carried a bit of firmness — it's not your sous-vide kind of tender but the meat still falls apart pretty easily; all flavorful without being too gamey. The mash comes slightly flame torched over the top, but overall it's pretty smooth and decent, absorbing the savoury Braised liquid from the meat, while the broccoli gives a crunch and making the dish feel more wholesome overall . The barley chips were actually interesting, giving the dish a bit of crisp in terms of texture without interfering the flavours going on.