The only okonomiyaki that I acknowledge was the one I had in dotonburi. Until now

I make it a point to avoid okonomiyaki places in SG because they really don't deliver(if anyone has a good rec pls lemme know) but damn this one was good.
The sauce was strong but balanced, and the amount is just enough to complement the okonomiyaki while allowing you to taste the ingredients.

Ingredients were balanced too, not those where u only taste flour. Moreover there's a very crispy layer at the bottom, as there should be but so few places achieve here(could be my ignorance).

However the crisp doesn't last and they remind you to eat while it's sizzling. Best if you have 4 pax and everyone grab and quarter and starts munching asap. I've gotta say maybe it's nostalgia but even this experience of stuffing hot pieces into your mouth cos u don't want to lose the crisp is similar to my experience there.

This is a GEM of a place and I hope it's more popular and doesn't close