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Fried chicken wing (3/5)
- finger licking good, mild lemongrass taste. So mild I had to imagine it Gen I saw the lemongrass

Mango crepe cake (4/5)
There is always space for dessert!
Cake was strong in tangy mango taste that helped to get rid of the ger-Lat-ness and made creamy cake more enjoyable with the contrasting taste.

Pork skewer with sticky rice (3/5)
- strong coconut oil taste that reminds me of Nasi lemak. Would taste much better if it is cooked more so that there is some golden brown appearance and the meat was drier.

- price was expensive compared to the KL and actual BKK branch. I went to the kL branch last week and in comparison, this place was disappointing compared to what I experienced and expected
- seating was crammed and the decoration on the board was too much in this small space.
- would return only to eat coconut crepe cake and wish they had coconut shake instead of coconut juice