Inspired by the simple recipe by YouTuber @ohnino2 using 2 ingredients with no steaming and pounding.

How to❓
1️⃣ Mix 130g of rice flour with 100ml of hot water.
2️⃣ Mix them both well together. For my case, I had more of a wet mix so I added another 30g more to form a dough.
3️⃣ Cut the dough into cylindrical shape to your preference. I have it about the size and length of my thumb.
4️⃣ Cook it in boiling water for approximately 15 minutes.
5️⃣ Place your cooked rice cake into a bowl of cold water.

Prepared a no fuss super easy tteokbokki version by using 🀫 ready made tteobokki sauce.

Stirred fry the rice cakes with shallot (because I don't have onion), mixed fish cakes and homegrown spring onions. Adding an egg to the final dish is entirely optional. I've gotten too egg-cited taking the photos so I could get it into my belly until ... the egg was forgotten on the side πŸ˜‚