Sorry for the terrible photo, ordered this for takeaway as we didn't really want to wait in the queue.

Loved this dish! The sauce was extremely well done, not too much that make u sick of it and not too little such that it's too bland. The handmade tagliatelle has a very nice springy texture to eat (almost like meepok) which is really really good. There is also a good portion of bitesize prawns.

Just thought the price is a little steep though.

They allowed us to use beyond 1 for 1 for takeaway, but had to charge the extra 10% for service charge (at first they told us it was an extra $1 admin fee). Probably have to train the staff to get the facts right. And they took the price of the dish off, the additional $3 for the handmade tagliatelle is still fully paid for.

Will go back to try other dishes, only with the 1 for 1 deal.

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