Unfortunately, I have not tried the best-selling Uji Matcha Cream & Chocolate buns from Donq Boulangerie, so no point of comparison, but St. Leaven Bakery’s rendition ($2.80) certainly satisfied my matcha craving. Studded with matcha crunch and powder, the bun’s exterior came as a textural surprise and a nice contrast to the soft bread as well as the custard within. Generous with the matcha cream, they do feature the pronounced earthy tea flavour that is well-balanced with a sweet and milky after taste. So those who dislike the overly bittersweet notes and grassy quality of matcha would probably enjoy this more. Best eaten when lightly heated, it does get that classic lava ooze but as pictured I cut into it before popping it into the toaster and you get to see that bit of chocolate in there. Warmed, the smooth custard wasn’t too cloying and makes for a good tea time snack.