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Had the medium protein bowl ($13) which came with 1 base (romaine lettuce), 1 protein (baked dory fish), 3 supplements (roasted curried cauliflower, onsen egg and roasted pumpkin) and a sprinkle of mixed nuts. It also comes with dressing but I didn't have any dressing on this one.

I felt the portions were not really good on this one, for $13 I can easily get a more generous bowl somewhere else. I think the weirdest thing I did was to add the mixed nuts, somehow I thought they'd be almonds or something but it ended up just being crushed peanuts. >< The fish is quite good though, flaky and with a crispy but not oily breadcrumb exterior. Can't really go wrong with the onsen egg which is a really good pairing with the lettuce :) I felt the roasted pumpkin was a weird one, it felt soggy and it was mashed which I didn't like.

Not too bad!! Better options out there but with a one for one deal I'll take it for a healthy, fuss-free, kinda-yummy lunch :)


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