Ma Maison’s Oyster and Rosu Tonkatsu set seems healthier than most other Tonkatsu(s) around Singapore but we don’t love it any less.

Yes, you have the deep-fried crispy goodness from the crumbly panko exterior. Yes, you have that chunky strip of fat along the side of the leaner pork loin.(MY FAVOURITE OBVIOUSLY) Yes, you also get the juicy yet gooey flavours of oyster in your mouth too.

What sets it apart from others is the fact that it gives you the option of brown rice over the usual Japanese white rice, refreshing for a try-hard health junkie like myself.

The Tonkatsu sauce was mostly sweet but equally well-balanced by its salty and sour tastes too, slightly better than its counterparts from many other joints.

Their Tonkatsu sets are served together with refillable sides of Japanese pickles, cabbage and their notable miso soup, which reminded me more of a hearty Tonjiru soup than anything.