This was subpar, which funnily makes it by far the best item I've had here. The texture is too hard, not crunchy enough. And severely overseasoned, even considering it's a drinking snack. It's dusted w yuzu pepper tho which was nice if it wasn't too generous.

Issue: saw the cook literally cooking 20? skewers at once during dinner. The entire grill is packed, no wonder everything was overdone. I'm presuming the good reviews came during lunch, my friend visited on the exact same day, but during lunch, so I guess if you must come, come during lunch only

Overall: the only draw is that the food is cheap. There's not a single japanese soul here. Not the customers, not the wait staff, not the chef and cooks most importantly. Why's there a reason to visit at all? I'm open to supporting homegrown restaurants but not at the expense of authenticity and a basic level of competence.

At the same time though, they're absolutely packed. It's only after talking to someone from a nearby stall that I realise it's only because they're relatively cheap, compared to proper places at double the price

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