With a new head chef on board comes new techniques, ingredients and inspirations to revitalize the space and bring about another level of luxury to the cuisine. Diners can choose the ala carte menu or go for the degustation menus that are available during dinner.

At the centerpiece of the refreshed menu is the Botanic Garden ($26), a starter that pays homage to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Botanic Garden is created as a plant-focused dish that is glamorously plated to exude colours and shapes that delivers a spectrum of flavours and textures from each bite. The base is made up of charcoal-grilled aubergine, topped with seasonal vegetables and fruits that are tossed in a housemade secret dressing, served with a goblet of Lapsang Souchong tea that complements the flavours from the vegetables. This pairing helps to bring out a rich and smoky nuance to the fruit and vegetables.
The Zucchini ($24) soup is a fusion of Asian and European cuisine, which has the zucchini presented three-ways, first by simmering with basil before it goes into the blender with a good amount of olive oil to create a creamy liquid texture and served with sautéed zucchini cubes and a whole steamed zucchini flower that is stuffed with ricotta.

The following dish, Gnocchi ($28), has a ratio of 75% potato and 25% parmesan cheese, flour and egg, and this dish uses little to zero salt, with the savouriness coming from the mussels, anchovies and fish stock. Other dishes that were tasted include the Wagyu Beef ($68) that has been grilled in the Josper oven and desserts of Champagne ($14) and Chocolate ($14), the former is a champagne jelly topped with fresh berries and finished with mascarpone cheese while the latter is a chocolate caramel brownie with a cardamom crème anglaise.
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