An Orchard Road institution, I have been coming here on and off for more than 15 years (yes, when the cheapest cut, sirloin, cost only $40 until today's $60 😥). Unlike most places they have actually maintained their standards throughout the years, always serving up a tender, perfectly grilled steak in tasty Japanese style marinade, which you can slather with herb butter. They are also consistent with doneness despite the added complexity of the hot plate which continues cooking the meat after it has been served. Add a very reasonable $15 for the set, which comprises a very filling repertoire of appetiser, soup, salad and dessert. Despite the formal setting I would not consider this fine dining (I call it my favourite fake high class resto), but a solid steakhouse which I would even brave the horrible takashimaya parking situation for. If you like your beef fatty like I do, go for the ribeye.