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When (almost) everything here at Hvala had something to do with tea, it made absolute sense to order something that was both tea and beautiful. I mean, the moment as I stepped into the restaurant, I was greeted by tea apparatus at their bar counter, igniting some kind of inner zen in me.

So the most attractive dessert in the display chiller was this Genmaicha Azuki cake-in-a-jar Matcha-misu (S$8.80), which was made of layers of Genmaicha mousse, sponge cake, Azuki paste, green tea crumbs and a sprinkle of roasted rice bits. Among all the layers, the Azuki paste was the most dominant flavour, followed by the roasted rice bits. Yet, the strong flavours were balanced out smoothly by the Genmaicha aftertaste, making this dessert less overwhelming, especially with a cup of hot brew tea to go along.