Had to make my way down to BUNDT after seeing their Instagram post that muffins AND banana brownies were on the menu. Muffins were out of the oven by 7.45am so I was munching on these while waiting for my brownies to be released at 9.30am.

BUNDT’s muffins tend to be more spongey, with an almost bread-like texture rather than cake. They are super chewy, soft and bouncy on the interior, it’s pure pleasure to pull chunks of the muffin apart. The combination of banana + dark chocolate + walnut is a classic winner, and the sweetness, slight bitterness plus nuttiness all balance out well. I love how gooey and soft the chocolate is although it got messy all over my fingers, but that’s the beauty of eating a chocolate muffin isn’t it? I didn’t know what the Crunchy Oat topping was but man it was pure gold. Like a piece of crisp nut brittle hanging off the muffin top, the crunchy oat topping was sweet and added an extra crunchy texture to the soft muffin.

I don’t know how much this individual muffin was, but it was worth it. The total bill with a smashed avocado sourdough, two muffins, two brownies and two iced whites came up to slightly less than $50 which was expensive, but still reasonable for an occasional treat. Thank goodness I don’t work that close to BUNDT.