Love the thick and chewy udon-esque noodles used in this mazesoba. The combination of the nori, green onion, onsen egg and minced meat with white vinegar (they provide this in a bottle on the side) coats the noodles in a rich, thick and savoury sauce that is phenomenal. The taste of the nori in this dish is rather pronounced, but I feel that it really adds to the dish. The chashu was really disappointing and I don’t recommend getting it as there are better options. As you can see, it was very fatty. Not only that, it was also very dry. But overall, I loved the meal, but do note that it can get a bit gelat because it’s quite rich! The vinegar added helps with this though :) Be sure to ask for and add the rice at the end of your meal to soak up the delicious sauce! The soup is also amazing, definitely a level up from regular instant miso soup and worth drinking! There are various ingredients in it, like radish and konnyaku, and though it is a tad oily, it is very flavourful, with sweet and salty notes :D