Both slices of cake were quite huge, their sponges were soft, cream was fresh and not too gelat, but still very rich - I couldn’t finish a slice on my own but it’s good for sharing. They taste good, with the right amount of sweetness. $9 a slice is a bit steep, but it’s worth a try for the quality of cake you get.

Yuzu Raspberry - I really liked the vanilla soufflé sponge, it was soft and fluffy. Both the yuzu and raspberry tastes were strong in this slice of cake, yet complemented each other well.

Japanese Matcha Azuki - a good pick for matcha lovers, as the matcha taste was quite overwhelming (in a good way, because I like matcha, but it can be a little bit much if you’re not too big a fan) in this slice of cake, with both the matcha soufflé sponge and the matcha mascarpone cream. There weren’t many Azuki beans in my slice, so it was mostly matcha for me. Still yummy though, I just wouldn’t be able to finish it on my own.