Easily the most sinful mooncakes I’ve ever had, Aroma Truffle & Co certainly pulled out all the stops this mid-autumn season with two exclusive flavours - Premium Truffle Chocolate Molten Snowskin & Premium Truffle Durian Snowskin. Claimed to be the world’s strongest truffle mooncake, both delivered the familiar yet strong earthy fragrance which some may find a bit overpowering but I definitely enjoyed every whiff.

For those durian fanatics who just cannot get enough of the fruit, the Premium Truffle Durian Snowskin was robust and bittersweet. Encased in bamboo charcoal snowskin and embellished with edible gold flakes, there is nothing conventional about their kingly treat. Filled with 100% Mao Shan Wang, the interior was creamy, a tad sticky, and essentially a fleshy mash just like consuming the said durian pulp with an added touch of black Italian truffles in the mix. However, it was their Premium Truffle Chocolate Molten Snowskin that was right up my alley. Hitting your senses first was the intense aroma from the soft truffle-infused white snowskin. A bite will reveal the chocolatey lotus paste and at its core is a decadent white chocolate ball beautifully complemented by oozing truffle chocolate lava. There was also crunchy macadamia nuts found the delicately sweet mooncake.

At $88 (pre-order price, $98 original price) for a box of four, they don’t come cheap but from now till 13 September 2019, simply key in “Vanessakou10off” to enjoy $10 off when purchasing online. Aroma Truffle is also offering 2 bundle promotion of mooncakes and their signature truffle chips which will run till 21 August 2019. So grab a box of mooncakes while stocks last as only 1,000 boxes of mooncakes are available for purchase!

For more details, please visit: https://aromatruffle.com/

Aroma Truffle Boutique
Chinatown Point Level 1, Unit #01-20
(Opposite Chinatown Optics) 
Singapore 059413

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