This stall in 409 AMK Market and Food Centre is super popular among people living around the area. I’ve always passed by on the way to work and was finally early enough today to join the queue to try 😂

I initially wanted to get dry mee pok, but was super tempted by an uncle digging into his bowl of dry mee tai mak! For $3.50, the portion is great. You get your noodles with fishballs, braised mushrooms, minced pork and fish cakes in soup.

I like that they don’t use as much vinegar in their sauce mix. They use more pork lard and chili, and the result was fragrant and satisfying, without the sauce being too overwhelming. Soup was flavourful as well.

📍Mei Sheng Kway Teow Mee
Blk 409 AMK Market and Food Centre

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