As chomp chomp was famous for their bbq stuff and also stingray, i too jumped onto the bandwagan and ordered myself a grilled stingray. To my surprise the wait was relatively short, i would say around 10mins or so and my grilled stingray was here. The first impression of the stingray was relatively pleasant. The charing of the stringray was perfect, there wasn't any burnt parts. It was very aromatic and i could not wait to dive into it. The fish was really tender and moist, and the reason why i liked it a lot is due to the char kind of taste(not burnt). The fish melted instantly in my mouth and all i wanted to do was to dive into it more! The sause that came with it though, i personally did not like it, as it was very strong and fishy. This grilled stingray has a relatively low spice level, which makes it suitable for kids. I can see myself coming back again to get the stingray, i highly recommend this place.