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Tangy pineapple and yoghurt curd,crunchy passionfruit seed glaze and home-made muesli morsels

Well! I think the guys have to rethink about consistency in menu and marketing. On Facebook, it’s “toucan” but only their website, it’s “pineapple passionfruit yoghurt”. At the shop, the staff introduced it as toucan but spelt it as tocan (?) when she labelled the boxes of pies 🤦🏻‍♀️

What I like: very tangy and sourish! But it might be overly sour for some people. Love the strong hints of passionfruit from the layer of glaze on top.

What I didn’t like: supermarket-like filo pastry as they crust base (I think a buttery crust is what makes a cut for a good pie!). It was too thin to balance out the strong tanginess of the fillings. Idk what’re the white cubes - the taste of these cubes weren’t distinct. If they’d been, then clearly they’ve been masked out by the tanginess of the filling ...