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Had 5 Pork Belly and 5 chicken - Super perfectly grilled and yes you didn't read wrongly - it's PORK BELLY SATAY!!!! Layers of fat and lean meat strung together, giving it a nice bite while the fatty part dissolve in the mouth. I don't really like pork satay due to the toughness of the meat, but for this store, the pork was as tender as the chicken one! Also, they have their own special satay peanut sauce that has an interesting pink hue 😻 it's Super Yum for my tum! Can't help but reach sticks after sticks till all was gone! So underrated in this Coffeeshop especially next to the famous charcoal fired Swee Guan Hokkien Mee :)

This is for me the best satay stall in sg!