What exactly: β€œChickpea puree with seasame paste and lemon juice topped with extra virgin olive oil.” β€” menu

Price on menu: $10.00

Thoughts on food: My friend and I are not the most informed on how Middle Eastern food should taste and what is considered good but this was alright. The pita bread was soft and not too dry.

Will I order this again: Probably not, so that I can try something else.

Will I visit this place again: If there is a Burpple deal or any deal/discount of some sort. But I would recommend this place to people; it is worth a try.

If you are using BB for the same deal, do note that you will be charged a flat price of $49++ regardless of your choice of order from the Burpple-exclusive menu. It is not so much a 1-for-1 but you still save a substantial amount (~$23 for my friend and I) in total. Also they charge GST for service charge too.