Went to Sanoook's food tasting the other day with the other Burpple tastemakers. By the other day, I really mean last month πŸ˜…

For starters, I had Mieng Kam (RM17.90). Never in my life have I thought I would be eating leaves but I did, and surprisingly it wasn't bad (I hate vegetables so go figure). We were told to wrap a lot of things inside (my memory fails me more often than I want it to) and eat it in one bite. Betel leaves: checked!

As I was late, I had the sushi burger all to myself. I'm afraid I don't know the price of it, but I had the one with green curry chicken. It was so interesting, it felt like the green curry was the batter of the chicken. I'm not sure if that makes sense but yes. They even gave me a card of how to eat my sushi burger 😁

I also had some of the skewers and obviously, at a Thai-Japanese restaurant, something unique like a roll of tomyam sushi 😍

I had the normal Thai iced tea because I'm not an adventurous person 😐 we ended our meals with a bowl of bingsu. I think it's the Thai Volcano (RM16.90). This was some green tea goodness I'd come back for whenever I need to satisfy my green tea cravings.