My go to whenever I have an intense craving for korean food, cause Yoogane is available on eatigo with 50% off at either early/late lunch times which makes them so so worth it! The chicken galbi comes chocked full of chicken, potato, rice cakes, leeks and cabbage, marinated in that delectable spicy gochujang sauce! 🤤🤤 The large size is good for 2 big eaters or 3 medium ones, and definitely add the ramyeon noodles ($3.80++) for that heavenly combi of dry spicy tangy ramen! Side dishes are free flow with kimchi, bean sprouts and kewpie cabbage salad. Super super yummy and filling and great service (they do the cooking for you 👍🏻), except they charge for water... But still great place to satisfy any korean dakgalbi cravings! 😋😋

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