With various concepts to mala beyond the hotpot and stir-fry, locals and foreigners have bought in to this ingredient close to their heart (and tummy). Here at MXG Classics, the 麻辣香锅 has been redefined into something unique and delicious. Diners have a choice of five different pot bases to choose from such as the MXG Original Mala, MXG Signature Black Pepper, MXG Twilight, MXG Stir Fry (leaning towards more of the 宫保) and lastly, MXG Special. The original mala uses a base that’s specially concocted by the chef, made with over twenty herbs and spices, and you can customise each order to your spiciness level. The umami-ness from each bite comes from the fermented bean curd, and the base does not contain any beef products. Perhaps the most interesting and intriguing pot base is the Twilight, made using the same “heart of mala” base but with a 月光河粉 twist by adding in flat rice noodles and topping with a raw egg at the end. We thoroughly enjoyed both 麻辣香锅 for the flavours that you cannot get elsewhere, and the attention to details to make it less oily and less soupy.
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