Queued at Hambaobao on their 2nd last day. Even though I was early (went 30 mins before they opened), there was already quite the queue. It's my first time here, and I've bookmarked this place for a while now. The moment I heard they were closing down, I had to cancel my plans and make a trip down. I wouldn't want to give up an opportunity (possibly the final) to try their famous Pork Belly and Buah Keluak burgers. Thank God I went, because the burgers were gobsmackingly delicious. Especially the sio bak burger.

The Pork Belly burger was absolutely stacked full of pork belly slabs (4-5 slabs I believe). I kid you not, it's quite a mouthful- damn gao! At $5.50, you're definitely getting your money's worth. I never ever thought pork belly would go well on a burger, but Hambaobao proved me wrong. Shatteringly crisp, fatty, melt - in - your- mouth pork coupled with hoisin sauce, English mustard, Japanese cucumber to cut through the fattiness of the pork belly, sandwiched between toasty buttered hamburger buns. It's one of the best burgers I've ever tasted, and I'm genuinely quite saddened to know that I probably won't be having this again. You guys got to try this!

On to the Peranakan- inspired Buah Keluak burger ($5). It was quite an interesting burger experience! The patty was a combination of buah keluak and minced chicken, and it was topped with a spicy, tangy rempah, sweet chap chye, sandwiched between toasty, buttered, hamburger buns. Truly a Singaporean burger right here. However, I would definitely say it's not for everyone, and if you can't appreciate the earthiness of buah keluak, don't go for it. But I loved it!

Their hand- cut fries ($1.50) are fantastic as well, made fresh, and are legitimately hand- cut. A whole potato is cut up and put it in the fryer straight! Very thick!

I wish I could've tried their fish, pulled pork and beef burgers as well, but there's only so much I can eat in a day😅. They look really great as well, and are definitely the safer options if you're not adventurous.

Guys, I highly recommend this place, and before it closes down for good, go and give it a try. Their last day of operations is tomorrow, Saturday, 9th November. It will be the final chance to savour Hambaobao's amazing, and affordable burgers. Go early (before they open at 12pm) or you'll definitely be left disappointed as their burgers usually sell out mid- way through their business hours around 2- 3pm. I would even suggest queuing an hour or an hour and a half (remember, it's their last day!!) before they open to really guarantee your chance of trying the Pork Belly and Buah Keluak burger.

I sincerely wish Ryan and his wife all the best for the future, and thank you for serving us hungry Singaporeans all these years!

Rating :5/5