Don’t think I’ve had an anmitsu before so I can’t be sure how it’s like! The anmitsu we had here came with a bed of agar cubes topped with red bean paste, shiratama mochi, matcha warabimochi, oranges, white peach, a red cherry and a choice of vanilla/matcha ice cream. We went for the sweet and fragrant kuromitsu syrup (drizzle instead of pouring it all to control the level of sweetness), but if you’re a coffee lover, they have coffee syrup available too.

The mochi were soft, while the matcha ice cream fared better than the vanilla we got to try in our Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk Shaved Ice ($9.80). Feels like a pretty decent refreshing bowl to have on hot days, but I thought it was too pricey.

How much was this? :)
Hello!! :) Ops I missed it out, it was $12.80!
No worries!