I remember K&K Grape & Ricotta Matcha Brioche ($13+) making waves on my feed when they first opened, and while the combination of fruit + ricotta + toast ain’t revolutionary it did sound rather yummy. So when a friend asked us there for brunch, I knew we’ve got to give that a shot. Let’s start with what I liked: the juicy, plump, skinless grapes were refreshing and an absolute joy to down; and the lavender buds added a wonderful gentle fragrance to the dish, lifting it up without overpowering the other ingredients. I thought the dusting of matcha powder added a nice complexity and balance to the syrupy honey and creamy ricotta as well, though the aesthetically-pleasing-but-unevenly dusting over the honey also meant I got solid bitter clumps in a few bites. I didn’t quite get the crushed pistachios though: they weren’t crunchy enough and didn’t add what I thought’d be a nice toasty, earthy, salty sorta touch. Their brioche also fell a little short for me, neither fluffy nor chewy, sweet nor buttery, and it was also a wee over-toasted so I felt like I was eating a baby wafer with a crunchy exterior and sorta stale insides LOL 🤔