So grateful to meet people with the same passion and also honored to meet the @Burpple team! Thank you for the great dinner!
I get to have a bite of the famous Namoo Korean Rice Burger. It's was quite a challenge to get a good shot of this dish. Basically a beef burger but the burger buns are replaced with Korean glutinous rice shaped into two patties.
It tasted okay..special..not normal? Hahaha. If you're not a big eater or a rice eater, you should stick to the norm. Rice burgers has an acquired taste.
The rice tasted a little strong and it was slightly hard on the sides. Must be due to heating the rice patty or pan-grilling it.
Beef patty was not bad. Juicy. But nothing special. Other toppings were basic burger things like eggs, lettuce and tomatoes with their special sauce. Sides given were the same with tacos.
Overall it was an okay dish for me. I'd rather take the tacos. But because I'm not really a rice eater, this wasn't for me. Worth a try to see what's so special about a rice burger.
Rice burger done. Ramen burger next? 😝 Food: 7/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 22.90 - huge burger)