Me, a bonafide om-nom-nom-nivore, having a completely meatless burger? Impossible. (See what I did there?) No, really, I’m going meatless for a meal, courtesy of the folks at @thegoodburgersg. Goodburger is flipping up a special Damn Shiok! burger to commemorate Earth Month, and it does live up to its name.⠀

The sauce in a typical Damn Shiok! burger is supposed to be a rendang rendition, but it’s much closer to a dry red curry due to the balance of the spice blend. That ain’t a bad thing, because the sauce is still superbly savoury & scintillatingly spicy. As with the last time, you definitely gotta order a double to approach the same kind of gastronomic satisfaction that a real beef patty would provide, as the Impossible patties are looser & considerably less dense than actual beef.⠀

Pair that up with rings of sweet red onion and the competently charred Impossible patty, and you will easily forget the fact that this is a veggie burger with zero meat in it. Thanks for having us, @thegoodburgersg & @burpple!