With a noticeable lunch queue, Lu Jia Fish Soup 盧家鱼汤 located at Soon Hong Eating House, A’Posh BizHub, is rumored to have one of the best sliced fish soup in Yishun and I must agree that it was pretty good.

Having a bowl of Mixed Fish Soup ($4.50), the clear broth was pleasantly sweet and both types of fish slices were well-executed. Coupled with a generous portion of sliced fish, the comforting soup had a nice depth of flavour yet light as natural sweetness from the shredded ginger and vegetables were clearly present. For something heartier and rich, you can also choose to have milk added in and yam rice instead. They also have fried fish skins and fish bites that you can order as sides, but the best is still their Egg Floss that goes for an additional $1 and can be served separately. Yum, next I will have to try their Salmon Fish Soup!