This place is super difficult to get a booking. Typically even for week days you’ll have to book a couple of weeks in advance. A sign saying “We are fully booked for tonight” greets you as you come out of the elevator entrance to restaurant.

Why? Well for starters the restaurant is perched on top of Mount Faber with a good view of Sentosa Island, the cable cars and parts of the Harbourfront channel. Reflections is part of the landscape and beyond that is the sea. Unfortunately there is no sunset view as that is blocked by the cable car building next to the restaurant.

But the good taste of the food more than compensates. We ordered their crispy chicken mid wings, charcuterie of cured meat, tiger prawn capellini and crab and mango stack. No complains about the dishes except the charcuterie which came with crackers that might have been around for a tad too long. With 3 glasses of champagne, the bill came to a grand total of $196.56.

May come back with a different group in future just to try their other items in the menu. And enjoy the great view.