Chanced upon this new Taiwanese stall at a S-11 Coffeeshop at Ang Mo Kio (the one beside Jubilee Sq) and was utterly impressed with what is being offered here. The Lu Rou Fan, despite being less meaty than what is offered at other places, is absolutely delicious — flavourful braised liquid that’s all savoury with chunks of a good mix of fatty and lean meat that is tender yet comes with a bite; all atop pearly rice. Coming with the 13 Spices Crisp-Fried Tofu on the side as a default item for this set, the tofu is light and crisp on the exterior, yet totally soft and silken within — all smooth without being curdled or having too much liquid released within. The set also comes with a bowl of soup (which I eventually finished; a rarity), kimchi and braised egg. Totally enjoyed everything here — it’s brilliant execution made everything enjoyable, not to mention how value-for-money it is at $5.80 nett. Would certainly go for this again; and wholeheartedly so!