Momolato makes another appearance at the Ramadhan Bazaar this year, selling Seasalt Hokkaido Milk Softserve which you can get in a charocal cone or white cup for $3.90 (if my memory serves me well).

It is a simple, sweet, milky, treat for the merciless heat that is encapsulated by the bazaar tentages. However, on that same note, it melts incredibly fast - which is kind of a good thing because it means they omitted stabilising agents during the preparation of this. You'll just have to be prepared to wipe your hands often haha.

I must say - the softserve this time, lacked a marginal swipe of salty taste compared to the previous year's. It really would've complemented the Hokkaido Milk flavour, and made the treat feel complete. πŸ˜•Ah well. Still, that didn't bother me so much. Didn't change the amount of love I had for it. 😘 (7.3/10)