We walked in at 1pm into a half-empty restaurant and was told to wait 40 minutes for the food. We were fine with it as it was a Sunday at lunch hour. The system used to order food is through scanning a QR code on the phone, and ordering on the app although there were 3 staff walking around the small store. Super troublesome, but nevermind. Waited 1 hour before we were told that our food order did not go through the system even though we ordered a latte and received it 20 minutes later and it was sent through properly. Requested nicely for the staff to have our order bumped up and be verbally conveyed to the kitchen. No, it has to go through the app and we will have to wait an additional 30 minutes for the order. Don’t come here unless you want to waste your time over mediocre food and terrible service. Burrple isn’t even worth it.