We always get a plate of fried oyster from the Bedok 85 Fried Oyster stall, which is near the front of the hawker centre (near the bus stop). You won't miss it because the shop takes up at least two adjacent stalls and you will always see a long queue of people in front of the shop waiting for their takeaway orders! What we like about the fried oyster from this shop is that the pieces of flour are fried until they are really crispy on the outside, and still retain a slight chewy texture on the inside. In our view, this is much better than many stalls which served fried oyster with many pieces of flour without a crispy exterior.

The fried oyster here also comes with a pretty great chilli sauce that goes well with both the oysters and the flour so do be sure to ask the stall for more chilli if you like it, because our experience is that one saucer of chilli usually isn't enough. Oysters are pretty generous as well and for the $6 serving, you can expect around 6 to 8 oysters in your plate.

The queue for fried oyster can be pretty long as well so do be prepared to wait for around 15 minutes after ordering, especially on a weekend!