Other than the fishball noodles, popiah and braised duck, there is also Heng Heng Roasted Delights, a Hong Kong roast meat stall that you should check out. Their top seller is the caramelised char siew followed by the roasted duck to go with your choice of rice or noodles. The char siew is not the typical dry and dye-coloured mediocre ones that you get outside but this version is more towards the Cantonese roast that has a sticky consistency with a balanced ratio of fats and meat. You will get both the sweet and savoury flavours when you bite into it. The roasted duck on the other hand, has been marinated with a secret spice mix and roasted till the skin is crispy. Definitely restaurant quality but you can get it now at a fraction of the price.
✨ Heng Heng Roasted Delights
📍 204 Serangoon Central, Singapore 550204
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