As dinner time approaches, this Chinese stall beside Aston's works non-stop as groups and groups of students, especially the mainland Chinese, walks away with 2-3 dishes for sharing. Similar to a tzichar stall, this stall actually has an extensive menu comprising at least 30 varieties of meat, vege and soups with varied cooking styles/flavours to suit your tastebuds.

Not really knowing what some of the names mean, and because I didn't want the typical sweet & sour flavours, I just went with the unknown and got a big shock of my life when my fish fillet came in a bowl of fiery red soup LOL I was initially afraid of the spice, but I was immediately calmed down when I smelled the intense and pungent aroma of the peppercorn 😍 The taste of the soup came as a surprise too as it wasn't as salty as I'd expected, and the fish fillets resemble closely to a silken tofu - super, super soft and tender.

This dish costs $9 but the amount is definitely generous. Paired with a bowl of rice, it's something you'll need on a cold, rainy day.