Hands down one of my favourite birthday presents was this Cheri Joie box, I am a vocal fan of exquisite cakes because of the hours and details that go into each creation and this box just tops the cake.

Just the right amount for 4 mouths to appreciate, we first started with the Chocolat Vanille, one with 6 elements and that star of a chocolate sable.
Then Chéri for some boozy rich sweetness, a lighter Queen Isaphan.
Continuing the fruity league we had Porie of sweet pear and a tangier cousin, Summer Passion.
Rounding it up we partook the well balance Suzette that was a melody of caramel, orange, chocolate and Grand Marnier.

Note the cakes have more cream and supporting elements than sponge cake, some even without the latter; and that’s exactly how I would love cakes usually.

To my dear friend who sent these over, thank you for this precious gesture.

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