Went for the weekday lunch for the Hotpot Buffet, opting for the "90Mins The Best" sauce, made with a combination of Home made sauce, gungjung sauce, and volcano sauce. With this sauce, expect a tinge of sweetness and spiciness in a slightly thick textured broth. Expect free flow tteobokki, ramyeon, a wide spread of ingredients β€” chicken, pork collar,pork belly, cheese tofu, chicken sausage, luncheon meat, and the commonplace fare one can often find in other hotpot buffets as well. On the side, expect ready made dishes including spring rolls (don't be cheated by its seaweed chicken facade), vegetable gyoza, and pretty good and crispy chicken wings. Quintessential eomuk at a hotpot buffet was also thick and huge, tasting even better when dipped into the hotpot sauce. I thought the spread here for the price was pretty amazing and worth it, especially with lunchtime pricing. With every meal, you get free flow drinks. Unfortunately, I did not pace myself well enough and completely missed out on the free fried rice at the end. However, I thought it was for the better as food wastage costs the usual $5 with every 100g. Available for addition includes items like corn dogs which I was too full to order, ice cream, beef shabu (for people who want more options other than chicken/pork) and a cheese ring to dip your tteobokki and ingredients on the side. While it was my first time at a Korean Hotpot Buffet, I learnt a lot about pacing myself to better enjoy the other ingredients and fried rice I missed out, and I do see myself coming back again to try them again next time. Personally, the thicker paste-like broth would not be my usual go-to as compared to chinese hotpot where the soup is lighter and more enjoyable to drink. But I do think its an alternative experience that I forsee myself craving for occassionally. With that, I am glad that 90 Mins is an affordable option which I will return to get my korean buffet fix.

However, do note that it gets crowded and service really isn't the best. Staff are at best flippant and seemingly constantly flustered. The staff picking the food doesn't really take into consideration the quantity you ask for β€” usually resulting in more than less, affecting your ability to eat what you want later. So do make sure you request for the amount you ~really~ want. Not the friendliest faces around here, but well, they do get busy and they are just trying to do their job. So do manage expectations with respect to service!