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Not gonna lie i came here for MEAT! unfortunately the highly raved ribeye was too popz and ran out during lunch so this is actually the first time duck came out on brine's menu.

And i have to admit im actually happy they ran out of ribeye cos this is the best duck ive had in my life. Now before anyone freaks out im gonna explain my case. Not only was the duck was super bouncy, it was flavourful and theres no gameyness at all. And while the inside was juicy, the skin was so beautifully seared and the maillard reaction imparted such depth.

The duck was so perfect on its own that the sides seems out of place haha. Pickled carrots(in sherry vinegar) were pungent but the chef is still in the middle of adjusting the recipe, and this combination is temporary until stocks come in so stay tuned!!

The "curry carrot" puree also felt out of sorts and is actually the only thing i didnt finish today.

Then again the duck is so perfect i would order the dish again just for the duck!