Top: crayfish mee pok dry @ $10
Right: Japanese fusion mee pok dry, miso @ $7

Simply delicious.

The Japanese fusion meepok comes with choice of miso or shoyu and dry or soup. The miso makes the dish a little sweeter than the usual bakchormee, but the blend is great. Comes with generous amount of ingredients too, minced meat, sliced meat, 2 meatballs and 2 charsiew slices. The meatball is tender and the charsiew is tasty.

Went with the crayfish meepok cuz it's the same price as the charsiew meepok which has almost the same ingredients as the basic one. This comes with a bigger bowl of soup which also contains the seafood broth. The noodles and ingredients are almost the same with slight tinge of seafood taste. The crayfish itself isn't super fresh but is okay.

Super satisfying meal and will not stop thinking about it for a while.

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