Since we are paying a visit to The Coffee Academics, of course we had to give their unique coffees a try. The pepper agave item caught our eye and it is basically a standard latte, topped with agave nectar and ground black pepper on top. The black pepper was the most unique part of the drink as we have never tasted anything like it before - pretty interesting although others may have different views. While there is supposed to be agave nectar in the drink, the sweetness of the nectar was completely overpowered by the spiciness of the black pepper.

However, we forgot to mix the drink properly and as a result, most of the black pepper remained at the surface. Consequently, we finished most of the black pepper at the start and the remainder of the drink tasted like a normal latte. Don't make the same mistake and mix your drink thoroughly before drinking it! Otherwise, it's a pretty interesting concoction that you can get at $6.40++!