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Checked out this relatively new vegetarian eatery at Fortune Centre named Bodhi Deli — they serve up vegetarian variants of local fare such as Mee Pok, Lor Mee, Laksa, Mee Siam and Mee Rebus.

Ordered the Chicken Cutlet Noodles and this was amazingly convincing — that crispy batter of the exterior of cutlet while the "flesh" was pretty tender, replicating the texture of the meat pretty well with "fibers" and a bit of bite; savoury without tasting doughy or bean-y. The noodles are similar to Mee Pok; surprisingly "al-dente" and tossed with a good proportion of ketchup, sauce and chili for flavour. Possibly one of the best vegetarian renditions of Chicken Cutlet Noodles around (though I had never really had much of the dish); pretty impressed with the one here that was really convincing!