This is the most value for money poke bowl. For $9.90 I got a base (salad greens), choice of one poke (I chose shoyu salmon), and toppings (pineapple, carrot, tomato salsa, cucumber, pumpkin seeds and ikura). I added $3 for an additional scoop of yuzu soy ahi tuna. Each scoop is 75 grams of fish, which is whopping by poke bowl standards. There's the option to add on superfoods like avocado and pomegranate for $1 each, which is a fair price as well.

It was so good!! I love how the poke is cut into such huge, satisfying chunks. The fish itself is really fresh and tender. And the marinade adds just the right amount of flavor. The shoyu with its saltiness and the yuzu with its subtle citrusy flavor, combining well with the pineapple and tomatoes. The vegetables were crisp and fresh. It was all in all just so satisfying and such a large portion too.

Conveniently located at Tanjong Pagar MRT station, this is just a fantastic place for a post workout pick me up. :)


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