Trust me, when I first heard that Tendon Kohaku has opened their third outlet at SORA, I was so stoked. It simply means that I might stand a higher chance eating this much-raved Kohaku Tendon (S$17.70) from social media, without having to queue in town.

The frying time was perfectly managed by the chef, and all the Tempura were nicely laid, piece by piece, to make the Tendon more Instagrammable. Even after the sauce is drizzled down the fried stuff, they do not turn soggy quickly, and the items that are meant to be crunchy stays crisp and fresh.

It didn’t feel as if the Tempura are oily, so just eat without worrying about the taste of oil. Between the original and the spicy sauce, I believe I like the former option more, as the spicy sauce included a slight spicy touch to the food which not everyone may fancy. Nonetheless, the food also comes with a bowl of Miso soup.