Turned it into a boy 👦🏻 and then a short-haired girl?? 👧🏻 #selfhigh

Colleague tried the new Grilled Chicken Sandwich ($6.20) while I ate the Crispy Fish Sandwich ($6.20) - the patties aren’t exactly new if you ask me 🧐. ⁣

The grilled chicken is the one from the McD salad/wrap while the crispy fish has been presented before in the form of fish & chips by McD. Just that they zhng-ed up the patties into a burger with lettuce 🥬, chargrill sauce, chicken bacon 🥓, white cheddar cheese 🧀, and semolina buns 🍔 ⁣

I loveeee how cute the packaging is!! 😍⁣

📍All McDonald’s outlets islandwide